Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ladies Night - Piacere Restaurant

Hi Everyone,

Tonight  at 6pm is Ladies Night at Piacere Restaurant in San Carlos, California.  Come by to view and try our designs on in person.

The event is sponsored by VAD Vodka with happy hour specials all night!

Here's a few new pieces you can come see:

The Vintage Locket Rocker Earring Pair

...extra long - SO UNIQUE!!

$60 / pair

 I love the lockets in this earring pair. It's a perfect addition to your lucky charm! And a lovely way to keep your loved ones close ;)

Here are more colorful single earrings or hair clip-in extensions:


You could wear a single one on your ear or use the earring hook to attach it to your hidden braid so it dangles in your hair! Either way it's so much fun to wear!!!

I hope to see you guys tonight!!!!

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